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An Eco Hotel Experience: Axel Guldsmeden

Back in February I wanted to do something a little different to celebrate my birthday and something I've never done is spend it away from home. It had to be local (read: Europe), affordable and somewhere new. So, we hopped on a plane and jetted over to Copenhagen, Denmark for a very short, less than 48 hours, stay.

copenhagen eco hotel experience

So, perhaps Copenhagen in February isn't the most obvious choice but I felt like the home of Hygge was calling me and I spotted a really good deal! With return flights to Denmark less than return rail fare to London I just needed to find the right place to stay.

I'm fussy with hotels, I want somewhere nice, close to the centre, somewhere I can relax and feel comfortable. After a thorough search I came across something else a bit different, an Eco Hotel. Not only was I intrigued by the idea it looked incredible to so I went ahead and booked it. So here we go, my Axel Guldsmeden review.

Guldsmeden Hotels is a small chain of Eco Friendly Hotels but what actually makes them Eco Friendly? Here's a quick summary, but you can read in more detail in their Sustainability Management Plan:

  • A maximum of 20% meat dishes on the menu. 
  • All food waste is sorted and sent for recycling into biofuels.
  • Only tap water in offered - and used for their ice.
  • Almost exclusively use fair-trade and eco-certified suppliers.
  • Most goods are purchased locally to reduce transportation.
  • All bathroom products are organic and with sustainable packaging. 
  • Housekeeping have a checklist for cleaning rooms with maximum-reusability. 
  • All paint used is environmentally friendly and lead free.

Getting There
We arrived in Copenhagen fairly late - around 9:30pm. Getting the the hotel was very easy, there are regular trains from the airport to the central station and the Axel Guldsmeden is 5 minutes (if that!) walk away.

axel guldsmeden standard double room
A spacious area for a standard room

Check-in/out Experience
Despite our late arrival we were greeted by very friendly staff who quickly found our information on the system (no print outs needed here) and we were given our wooden room keys and wi-fi password. A really quick and efficient process which was mirrored on our departure as well.

axel guldsmeden standard double
A four poster bed in every room!

The Room
I loved our room! The hotel is in a Balinese-Style which is really quite lovely, each room has a 4 poster bed, wardrobe, TV and safe and private bathroom - our room (A Standard Double) had a massive bath! The room was very clean and offered everything we needed for our short stay. Something we were very impressed with was that refillable water bottles had been provided for our stay - A feature I wish every hotel had!

axel guldsmeden bath
The bath of hotel dreams

The water bottle, as mentioned, was a particularly nice touch. We were provided with towels and bath products - these were so,so but good to know they're from an eco-friendly supplier and if you were quite taken with them, available to buy at reception. The room had a hairdryer, TV and good Wi-Fi access.
The hotel also had a restaurant, bar area and a spa which unfortunately, due to our limited time, we didn't get a chance to visit.
If you arrive a bit early in the city/have a late journey on the way home there is a bag drop facility,

axel guldsmeden bathroom
Eco friendly everything 

The decor of this hotel was so lovely - I'd love to visit a real Bali hotel if this is anything to go buy! The theme was well executed throughout and, in true Danish style, a lovely ambiance was created by the soft lighting in the shared spaces.

5 minutes walk from the central station. Approximately 30 minutes from the airport (train dependent). 10 minutes to a large bus stop area and Tivoli gardens. The hotel is situated in Vesterbro, an area with a bit of a hipster vibe and no shortage of quirky little places to eat. We felt very safe, not only in this area, but in the whole of Copenhagen!

Varies massively across the season by the look of it! Our 2 nights in February were around £100 per night, later in the year that price looks closer to £300! Out of season that's a great price for the experience, in high season I think I'd want a bit more for my money.

Overall we had a fabulous stay at the Guldsmeden hotel and love the idea of an Eco-hotel. They have more locations too including:
  • Copenhagen
  • Aahrus
  • Berlin
  • Oslo
  • Reykjavik
  • Cote d'Azur
  • Bali
I would definitely stay at a Guldesmen hotel again and, in fact would actively seek one out if I were to visit any of the locations above! It's most likely have to be another out of season stay given the look of the summer prices but that's perfectly fine with me! 

Have you stayed at an eco-friendly hotel? I'd love to find out more and see where in the world is supporting the movement. 



  1. This place looks so cute:-)Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading Olga, it was very cute indeed :)

  2. omg this place is stunning!! loved this

    Jadieegosh   Instagram

    1. Thanks Jadiee, it really was a delightful place to stay, the interior was beautiful throughout!

  3. This hotel looks amazing! I think a lot of the time when people hear eco they don't always think stylish but that's definitely not the case here. I've never been to Copenhagen but as someone on a vegan diet who struggles to find food when travelling sometimes, this sounds incredible! x


    1. If you ever visit it's definitely worth looking into. We really did have a lovely stay here :) I can't comment on what the food was like but it's good to know they catered for vegan diets albeit with a limited menu.


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