Friday, 19 July 2019

Exploring Kotor, Montenegro

I recently visited the BEAUTIFUL Bay of Kotor. If you haven't heard of Kotor I'm not surprised, it wasn't really somewhere that had been on my radar until earlier this year, but as soon as I saw a photo of it I knew I had to go and see it for myself!

The Bay of Kotor, often referred to as Europe's southern most fjord, is nestled away off the coast of Montenegro, it's a travel gem and I can't see it staying quiet for much longer. We spent 3 nights in the fairytale Old Town Kotor and here's why I would highly recommend a visit...

Getting There
We flew into Tivat airport, just under 5 miles from Kotor, from Manchester with easyJet who have two scheduled flights into Tivat on Sundays (when we arrived) and Wednesdays (when we left). The airport is tiny and pretty exciting to land at as you're immediately met by the stunning scenery - gorgeous  blue water on one side and stunning mountains on the other. I had pre-ordered a taxi to meet us on our arrival and used Red Taxi who'l get you to the Old town for 10 - Our driver was so lovely, he didn't speak any English but was chatting away to us via a translate app. 

Staying in the heart of the Old Town Kotor was at the top of the priority list for us and after a bit of research we came across the Antika Guesthouse, which has a beautiful little spot on one of the towns narrow streets. I'd definitely recommend stopping here, very clean, very friendly owner and you couldn't ask for a better location! 

Getting Around
The town itself is pretty small so it's very easy to just walk around, if you're heading a bit further afield the buses are very cheap (1 each way to Perast!) but don't seem to come very often. Taxi's are also fairly cheap and if you use Red Taxi you can book with them via WhatsApp which is perfect! Car rentals are also available but, if like me, you're only there for a few days then completely unnecessary. 

Things to do & Tips
Exploring the Old Town is fantastic, I love to get lost in old maze like streets and can easily spend a day doing so! If you're up for more of a walk then heading onto the city walls and up to St John's Fortress will give you some spectacular views of the bay! If you're fancy heading a bit further afield then a quick trip up the coast to Perast will give you some more lovely views, nice places to eat and trips over to Our Lady of the Rocks, a man made island. My favourite activity was taking a 3 hour boat tour, with Kotor Boat Tours, from Kotor, stopping off at Our Lady of the Rocks and then heading out to the Blue Cave where you have the opportunity to swim in the Adriatic Sea - it was actually pretty warm! 
Montenegro is hot in June! daytime temperatures of up to 35 degrees and a warm night time of around 24 degrees, be prepared to eat a lot of ice cream and go in search of a place to dip your toes in the bay.
There are a lot of cats (and even a Cat Museum) so it's pretty fun walking around and spotting them all, most of them are pretty friendly too. 

Would I recommend a trip to Kotor and Montenegro? Absolutely, in a heartbeat! The scenery is simply stunning, it feels like you're constantly walking around a movie set! The locals are all very friendly and best of all it feels safe. 

Have you visited Kotor? Is it now on your bucket list?

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